A good drawing is a most desirable quality in art today


This website allows me to share with you my enthusiasm for drawing, it springs from a talent that I was born with and I have had the great good fortune to earn my living as an artist and designer.


At the age of 12 I won a prize from the then Royal Drawing Society. That event, plus the guidance and encouragement of my teachers and my family, led me into a working life full of the challenges and the discoveries, the achievements and the rewards to be found in making marks on paper. Drawing.

My aim in these pages is to try and put before you and to share with you, some of the enthusiasm that I have for looking at the ways we adapted simple and basic materials to serve our needs on the water and on the land. The clear function of these adaptations has produced objects that are beautiful to look at and I have tried, in my drawing, to capture the energy that went into making them.

The site is in two parts, firstly a gallery of work and secondly an opportunity to own reasonably priced reproductions.


William Geller